Data Cleaning Service 

Map Matching Service (Outline)

Map Matching Service will correct the errors of your spatio-temporal data sets such as GPS data to obtain more realistic data with objects traveling along road network data. Each points of input data is corrected to a point at which perpendicular line intersects the closest link on the road network. The default road network data we use for this service is the DRM (Digital Road Map).
*Map Matching Service with designated network data (Line Shapes) is now on progress (Coming Soon)

Notes for Map Matching Service:

  • The service is currently available only for spatio-temporal data of moving objects that travel on road network.
  • One-way traffic and traffic directions are not considered.
  • Correction is only for spatial location factor. Time factor will not be changed.
  • If there is no road link within 1km from the input data, no correction will be made for the point.

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