Data Cleaning Service 


This service allows you to use your own positioning data (trip start and end points) and knowledge of existing road and railway networks to develop a minute-by-minute spatio-temporal interpolation of travel paths. The data is obtained using WebAPI calls, and is returned as a series of latitudinal and longitudinal points.
Note that this service is only available to registered users of JoRAS. Because of privacy considerations, input data is not retained on the processing server.
The spatio-temporal interpolation service can be used through our WebAPI for tasks such as the following.

  1. 1cleaning_img001Finding the shortest road and rail paths between arbitrary start and end points, and receiving that data as a spatio-temporal interpolation of latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates in one-minute intervals
  2. 2Locating the coordinates of the closest road network location to an arbitrary geospatial point
  3. 3Converting between Japanese and world geodetic data systems, such as GIS
    Given travel start and end points, the system locates the shortest route between those points and creates a spatio-temporal interpolation of the route. The image shows interpolation results displayed on a map from Google Maps.

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