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About People Flow Data

People Flow Data is a data processed for monitoring dynamic changes in people flow, which consists of spatio-temporal data of particles processed from various data sources. This service mainly provides data sets that were processed based on Person Trip Survey Data (PT Data) collected by a country or a local authority of each areas. These data sources are used with the consent of Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Metropolitan Area Traffic Planning Association of each areas, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
The data processing procedures are as shown in the figure below: (a) Geocoding the first and last points of sub-trips to specify spatio-temporal locations (b) Calculate the shortest route between the two locations (c) Interpolating minute-to-minute location information based on detailed network data. More detailed information about our data processing is available at our papers published in 2011 for IEEEPervasiveComputing, or the specification document of our WebAPI.
Note that considering privacy problems, PT data sets are processed carefully to avoid reproduction from our providing data sets.

People Flow Data visualization of Tokyo, 8AM
(Based on the 3rd Tokyo Metropolitan Area PT data) 88TKY-thumbnail-M2

Data Processing Procedures図2

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